Introducing Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors are semi super durable constructions which when worked inside a current structure make another floor level between the current floor and rooftop. They are an especially conservative method of making extra space inside a current structure. In the event that you need to grow your business and the expenses of migrating or expanding your premises appear to be restrictive a mezzanine floor could be the appropriate response by multiplying the accessible floor space.

Mezzanines can have numerous applications they can be utilized for capacity (Raised capacity stages), plant support structures, working regions, fabricating regions, office regions and retail regions. There is no restriction to the flexibility of mezzanine frameworks and it is an exceptionally savvy method of conceivably multiplying your usable floor space.

Mezzanine floors aren’t just a savvy answer for development however can likewise be an extraordinary method to solidify a business into more modest and more practical premises by utilizing the accessible space. On the off chance that you as of now work out of two destinations why not examine to the achievability of uniting the two activities into one with the acquaintance of a mezzanine floor with give the extra required floor space.

Interesting points prior to purchasing a Mezzanine Floor

Accessible Headroom

The main thought for any mezzanine floor is accessible headroom. For the most part a current least rooftop stature of approx. 4.500m would be the base necessity to accomplish appropriate headroom at both ground and first floor levels.


Mezzanine floors are intended to suit client necessities yet in addition as per the stacking prerequisites of the Building Regulations and BRE Digest 437. Mezzanine loadings start from 2.5kn/m2 (250kg/m2) for light workplaces without any parts and increment to some very weighty loadings for expert activities, but a typical plan stacking would be in the locale of 5kn/m2 (500kg/m2) which is appropriate for most applications. Further thought ought to be given for the measure of permissible avoidance (skip) inside the plan. Mezzanines are by and large light weight structures which permit diversion inside its plan, this can anyway be decreased by diminishing as far as possible inside the plan, Warning… less expensive mezzanine floors by and large have more avoidance (ricochet).


The utilization of a mezzanine floor is critical as this will influence the execution of the prerequisites of Building Regulations. On the off chance that the mezzanine floor is to be utilized as a functioning region or utilized for retail purposes thought should be made for reasonable access for incapacitated people as per Part M of the Building Regulations. This can be generally be accomplished through the arrangement of an appropriate (Part M) flight of stairs. Besides mezzanine floors utilized as working regions or for retail purposes will be needed to adjust with more rigid fire wellbeing and departure prerequisites than capacity stages. All mezzanines are hazard surveyed dependent on there proposed use and planned likewise.


Admittance to mezzanine floors is by and large through a flight of stairs. You ought to think about where best this would be situated to suit your activity in spite of the fact that thought ought to likewise be given to its situation corresponding to fire exits from the structure to limit get away from movement distances. Greatest travel distances are a Building Regulations necessity and as such on bigger mezzanine floors extra flights of stairs will be required.

Mezzanine support legs

Mezzanine floors are for the most part detached designs autonomous of the current structure and they are upheld on there own segments. The position and recurrence of these segments is entirely adaptable and can be planned around explicit site conditions and client necessities. Anyway when in doubt the less sections in the plan the more costly the design becomes.

Decking surface

Most of mezzanines have 38mm high thickness molecule board decking which is amazingly adaptable and gives a solid hard wearing surface reasonable for some applications. Other decking types are accessible including Plywood’s and different steel surfaces.

Picking a provider

Focal Mezzanines are a main British producer of mezzanines, having our own in house plan and assembling group we can offer mezzanine arrangements which are both custom-made to the necessities of every individual customer yet additionally offer the most serious answers for accomplish consumer loyalty as per the legal prerequisites of The Building Regulations.

In its long term history Central Mezzanines is pleased to flaunt numerous easily recognized names as fulfilled clients including the MOD, Boots, Sunseeker Boats, Travis Perkins, Anglian Windows, custom mezzanine Kitchens, TNT, Europa Worldwide and Howdens Joinery to give some examples. We additionally have had the extraordinary advantage of having the option to help large number of little to medium size organizations extend and understand their maximum capacity.