How to Add Muscle Mass

There are more people interested in lifting weights than ever before. Years ago, hardly anyone lifted weights. Now, a good percentage of men and even some women go to the gym almost everyday to pump iron. Some people have found it easy to add muscle and weight but many look the same now as the day they started lifting.

It has nothing to do with their work ethic or desire. These people are lifting just as hard and passionately as anyone else, if not more. They are what we call hardgainers. They simply have more trouble putting on weight and muscle mass than other people.

The main reason they struggle to put on weight is because they aren’t following a good workout program. The training tips they read about in magazines or get from their jacked friend is not a good Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer source of advice. This is only works for people who add muscle and weight easily. Hardgainer’s muscles recover slower than these people so if they workout like these people they will only overstrain their muscles. This will actually lead to them weakening their muscles rather than strengthening them. This also makes them more susceptible to injury and illness.

The solution to help hardgainers add weight and muscle is allowing their muscles to fully heal before working out. It is also important not to overstrain the muscles when in the gym. Spending only 3 to 4 hours in the gym each week is key to gaining weight and adding muscle. Doing only a few exercises for each muscle group is also vital. These simple steps will allow hardgainers to add weight.