Garage Tile Flooring – Add a Great Feature to It

There are two basic kinds of garage tile flooring either PVC peel and place or the more elaborate interlocking tile flooring also known as non-epoxy flooring. The peel and place flooring is less expensive than the non-epoxy kind of tile flooring. The peel and place or PVC style flooring also has some limitations which are not found in the interlocking style of garage tile flooring. PVC flooring is not stain resistant and will stain when harsh chemicals are dropped or spilled on their surface, such as hydraulic fluid or brake fluid. They can also become slippery when wet, even when a texture is part of the surface, though the slipperiness is reduced. Stains in PVC flooring can be removed with the use of household detergents. However, kerosene and tar remover are not recommended for use in cleaning the surface of this kind of garage tile flooring.

DIY Epoxy Garage Floors

When installing PVC style, it is best to allow the tile to come to the temperature of 72 degrees F before installing. It is not recommended the tile be placed if the temperature is below 55 degrees F. PVC style garage tile flooring come in two different styles, peel and place and rolls. The rolls do not require adhesive to install, but often have butt edge adhesive strips. PVC flooring cost less than painting the garage floor and can be ready to use, after installation almost immediately.

The non-epoxy style of garage epoxy flooring jacksonville fl tile flooring come in separate tiles usually measuring 12″ x 12″ sizes. They do not require an adhesive because they use a patented interlocking system. Each brand has its own interlocking system. These garage tile flooring require little to no tools. Depending on the garage being tiled, a utility knife, jigsaw or band saw may be used to cut curves or circles to make the tiles fit existing structures.

Non-epoxy comes in many styles which will allow for moisture to not stay on the surface of the tile, thus increasing its non-slip factor and of course, its safety. The other feature of this type of garage tile flooring is that it can be installed in a matter of hours, so the shop or garage does not have to be shut down. Another feature for the non-epoxy garage flooring is that they are not discolored by the spilling of harsh chemicals on its surface.