Football Tailgating Parties – 5 Items That You Don’t Want to Forget

Tailgating more and more is turning into a sport of its own. There are cooking competitions, tailgating parties that look more like 5 star hotels, and the tremendous energy and excitement. It seems like everyone has their own tailgating experience down to an art, and are more than willing to share a few secrets of tailgating bliss. Instead of doing the usual article of “this is what you need” we have decided to cover some essential items that you don’t want to leave at home. So break out your note pads let’s get ready to plan.

Item number 1: The Meat

Who would forget the meat? Seriously, I mean who would ever forget the best part of tailgating. Well we wouldn’t state it if it wasn’t important, and I have heard rumors of a tailgater in Tennessee that forgot the pulled pork…let’s just say that a 30 mile walk home was considered a light punishment. All kidding aside you really ca not forget the beef, pork, brats, and whatever else you want to consume on a fine tailgating afternoon. Just as a note for all of you hot pepper lovers…bring antacids and lots of them!

Item number 2: The tickets

Do not, I repeat, do not forget the tickets. We have put this as number 2 ช่องทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ because however odd it may seem, there are many people who tailgate just to tailgate. They bring their plasma TV park it and then watch it in the parking lot. Now we will not discriminate you for wanting to enjoy a good tailgate. Hey we would rather be tailgating than pretty much any other place, but you have to enjoy the game at lease a couple of times from in the stadium. There is nothing that can capture the action like being in the stadium, hearing the crowd, and cheering for a great team.

Item number 3: The football

You got to have fun in tailgating. It is all about getting yourself in the mood to watch a great game. It is about remembering old times and experiencing the football fever all over again. There isn’t a tailgate that we have not gone too that didn’t have at least a father and son playing catch in the parking lot. Tailgate parties are great for a pickup game or even a light game of 500.