4 HVAC Upgrades That May Improve Your Family’s Health

If homeowners are considering the possibility of upgrading their HVAC typically, they are looking at ways to make their home more energy efficient, or perhaps decrease the monthly cooling and heating costs as well. While these are all important aspects however, what you might not be aware of is that it’s also feasible to upgrade the HVAC system you have in place that could result in improved the quality of air in your home. The majority of these changes are fairly inexpensive and are easy to do in just less than an hour and could lead to healthier living and well-being for you family.

Upgrades to Improve Your home’s indoor air Quality

The old saying goes”that “you are what you eat,” however, it could be the same about the air that you as well as your loved ones breathe. The presence of bacteria, dust, and dry air can result in respiratory problems as well as allergies and even more serious ailments. Modern HVAC systems are complemented by fresh air. They use regular filters that trap a lot of dust particles when air moves through the ductwork, and then out to your house. They have been designed so that they can be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Although this system works generally however, it’s not always able to catch all of the dirt that could be circulating through your vents. There are many upgrades to help make your HVAC system more efficient. Consider these alternatives for your home:

  1. Air Purifier A purifier can eliminate mold, bacteria and viruses that an ordinary HVAC filter doesn’t catch. Certain air purifiers don’t need to be cleaned , which means you don’t have to fret about not remembering to clean the filter – and they won’t impede the flow of air. If having clean fresh air is an important concern Some models can purify the air inside your home eight times per hour.
  2. Humidifiers – Everyone likes warming up their homes during winter, but not with the dry sinuses that heat can create. There are many kinds of HVAC humidifiers generally, but they provide moisture to your home’s indoor air when where heat is used. Talk to your HVAC contractor what type air filters cleaning of humidifier is the best fit for your home.
  3. Carbon Monoxide Alarms. It’s often referred to as the silent killer, and is among all families’ worst nightmares But what can you do to know if your family’s safety is in danger? Carbon Monoxide alarms do not connect to the HVAC system, however they are able to monitor your home’s indoor air quality and emit an alarm when levels of CO rise high enough to be considered dangerous.
  4. UV Lamps Cool air that is flowing out of your home’s vents can be a treat in the summer heat However, the moisture created by this cool breeze can become an ideal habitat for mold and bacteria. UV lamps eliminate the mold and bacteria that are on cooling coils and ensure that your home’s indoor air clean and fresh.

There are a variety options you can choose from to ensure that the air you and that your family breathes is healthy and clean. Contact the local HVAC contractor about any other hrv cleaning that are available for your home’s HVAC.